Studio One - 'The Street' exhibition

Studio One work is currently on display at part of the School of Architecture's summer exhibition.

This year Studio One explored ‘The Street’ through a variety of collective drawn and modelled tasks, culminating in an interactive public exhibition of 'The Street' held at Bank St .Arts, Sheffield. The emphasis on the interaction between architecture and public space provided a rich field of study for a variety of urban phenomena and relationships.  These explorations formed the basis of the individual design agendas that were developed throughout the year.

Lucy Block - Life on the Threshold, MArch, Year 6

Dan Chen - Node, MAAD course

Tom Hudson - Re Collections of Berlin, MArch, Year 6, Pass with Distinction, Stephen Welsh Prize in Architecture

Alessandro Paladin - Officina Teatrale Malvasia, MArch, Year 6

Alistair Randall - Wootton Bassett, Military Museum, MArch, Year 6

Dan Scott - Sub-Strata, Year 5

Jonathan Shaw - What We Leave Behind, MArch, Year 6, Pass with Distinction

Joe Shepherd - Songs of the City, MArch, Year 6

Wenhao Sun - Street Island - Local Life, MAAD course, Pass with Distinction

Dan Walder - The Laundry House, Year 5

Ruizhao Zhang - The Street/Border, MAAD course, Pass with Distinction

(all images © University of Sheffield)

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