A minimalist film by Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad explains his work 'Yellow Movie 2/28/73' during 'The Language of Less' exhibition at the MCA in Chicago in December 2011:

"I wanted to push the frame, and I didn't know exactly how to push the framework, except to do things like this, so I could imagine you see that it would be possible to actually to get very close and then manufacture the material, to manufacture the actual emulsion material somehow and this would enable a completely different understanding of what film would be like and what it would do and I thought in terms of long durations...  and so I should make a film that just beggars Andy Warhol's 24 hour long film.  I'll make one that'll last fifty years.  But how..."

"...and so in that way it's sort of also revealing something about the relationship between paint and architecture, that paint is a movie record of what goes on in the space..."

The clip was shown at S1 Artspace in Sheffield on Saturday 10. March 2012 during the discussion between the artist Jennifer West and Gregory Kurcewicz.  Jennifer West's exhibition 'Aloe Vera and Butter', which consists of two large scale video triptychs, is showing there until 17. March. 2012.

Further material can be found on Tony Conrad's website, which includes his essay 'Duration' from 2004.