The Dormitorium: The Brothers Quay

Some photos from the exhibition of the work of the Brothers Quay that is currently showing at the crypt of the Town Hall in Leeds...

(all photos © Russell Light, October 2011)

Further details of the exhibition can be downloaded here.

There is also a suitably eccentric interview with the Quay Brothers from when the Dormitorium exhibition premiered in Philadelphia in 2009...

Interestingly, particularly given the comments that the Brothers Quay make about lighting in this interview, the exhibition in Philadelphia took place in a brightly lit, white walled gallery space, with the 'décors' mounted on plain white plinths. In the crypt at Leeds Town Hall a very contrasting approach was taken, which has resulted in a much more atmospheric exhibition. The crypt was only lit by the lighting that was necessary to illuminate the interior worlds of the 'décors' and the exhibits' shipping crates were themselves used as raw plinths.

An entry about the Brothers Quay's film on anamorphosis can be found on my perspective resources site.