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The Girl Chewing Gum - John Smith (1976)

"The films of John Smith create a world from the ‘simple’ experiences of living, breathing and being a filmmaker or artist in a particular place and time. Smith's often humorous films produced over the last 30 years have inventively documented and probed his immediate surroundings, often not even moving much beyond the front door of his various abodes in a small area of East London."

Adrian Danks (2003)

Adrian Danks analysis 'On the Street where You Live: The Films of John Smith', can be found on the Senses of Cinema website.

Steele's glaziers that features in the film is now Scooter Den. The building at the junction of Stamford Road and Kingsfield Road has lost its clock and sprouted an additional floor. The Dalston Odeon was demolished in 1984. The University of London van was used as a getaway vehicle in an armed robbery and was written off when it crashed into an electricity pylon...

Still from 'Leading Light' (1975)

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